Advanced segmentation

Create as many segments as you like and send customized emails that will be useful to your subscriber. Segment by baseline, subscriber geography, custom variables, or newsletter interactions.
Trigger and transactional emails
Increase the CTR and bring the subscriber to the result you want. Easy setup of the main triggers: order-related chains, unsubscribe letter, "Abandoned view" and others.
Product recommendations in emails
Offer subscribers what they are likely to be interested in based on previous purchases and views.
Base validation
Check the email subscribers for validity and send the newsletter without fear of being blocked by email clients or getting into spam.
Bonus: all mailings from Mailganer clients undergo a free express validation using the Mailvalidator service.
Database standardization and typo correction
Bring information about subscribers to a unified form and make sure that their emails, names, date of birth and other data are written without errors.
Welcome chains
Introduce your subscribers to your business and start engaging them in the buying process from the very first emails.
Collection of subscribers
Use effective forms to collect and grow your subscriber base. One or several at once.
A/B testing
Test different variants of the mailing topic on a small segment and send the letter that shows the best Open Rate across the entire database.
Complete statistics
Track the effectiveness of your campaigns on a chart, compare periods and split test results.
Letter editor
Send newsletters faster by assembling them from ready-made blocks of a personal design template that we can develop for you. Or use ready-made free templates.
SMTP transport
Connect your own SAAS platform: create and send ready-made mailings via an SMTP connection, bypassing your Mailganer personal account.
Integration using ready-made modules
Connect Mailganer with the CRM and CMS systems you already work with and send emails directly from the project. More than 50 services to choose from.
Connect the transfer of data about subscribers, their orders and other information via API to work with the service quickly and without loss.
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